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Incoming student interested in a convenient on-campus job?

by Caleb Souders

The work study scholarship offers free tuition, and pays minimum wage. Applications can be received at the Pellissippi Rec Center!

Philip Ems, head of Pellissippi recreational center, is looking for students to come work at the center. “We have students transfer and graduate every semester, so we always have a hole to fill. We encourage every student to at least give it thought.”

For information on applying, students can stop by the Rec Center anytime to talk to either Roy Wayne or Ems. “We enjoy the interviewing process because we learn a lot about the potential of the incoming students.” To learn more about applying for work study, you can go to the rec center or go to

Wayne and Ems assign work study students “chores” such as cleaning the locker rooms, organizing the golf room, and washing and waxing the basketball court for safety of the students.

Some important information for interested work study students:

  • Work study students get paid once a month
  • Minimum wage
  • Tax FREE
  • Scholarship available for free tuition
  • 25 hours a week for work study students with no scholarship
  • Five hours a week for students with the scholarship

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Recreational Center Manager reflects on education and Pellissippi

by Caleb Souders

Pellissippi’s Recreational Center Manager is living his childhood dream every day, and has no plans on going anywhere anytime soon.

Philip Ems attended Ball State where he received his undergraduate degree in travel and tourism. Life panned out perfectly for the former Ball State University punter.

Ems grew up playing sports and received his master’s degree from the University of Memphis in sport and leisure commerce. After Ems graduated he was “looking for some experience right out of college, but Memphis was not interested.”

This turned into a blessing for Ems. “I contacted the University of Mississippi and asked about an internship as a facility manager – the guy running it told me that he would be thrilled to have me, and that I would even get paid.” Ems also added that the facility manager at Ole Miss was, “One of my best references, he really taught me a lot.”

Pellissippi State quickly became home to Ems, who has now been managing the Recreational Center for five years. On what school he would facilitate if he could do so anywhere in the country – “Honestly, I would choose Pellissippi.  It is a commuter school and the hours are not too crazy, there are no dorms, and the facilities are not open at bizarre hours. I am very happy here at Pellissippi.”

What are his goals while at Pellissippi State? “I want all of my associates to get full-time jobs running their own facilities, I believe they are all qualified enough. I mentored a guy who is now the intramural coordinator at Wichita State. That is one of my proudest accomplishments.”

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Pellissippi professor inspires students with golfing

by Caleb Souders

A teacher at Pellissippi State has inspired students and her own daughter through golf and other activities at schools throughout the country.

Cathy Clay, a professor at Pellissippi State, attended college in Virginia, and graduated at 22 with her master’s degree in psychology. She said, “My favorite courses were skill analysis, and motor learning. Golf mixed perfectly with my love for those, because it is a sport with lots of motor skill memorization.” She has taught several pro golf players but can not remember the names of them. Cathy emphasized on one particular point saying, “Golf is a sport that you have to start playing at age 12 if you would like to make it a career, otherwise you have no shot.”

Professor Clay also has a daughter that was an all conference golf player at Tennessee Tech University. Cathy taught her daughter growing up how to develop her swing, and also added, “She exceeded what I could teach her anymore, I had to find her a pro to work with, because her swing was really starting to develop into something special.”

Oddly enough, Cathy’s daughter’s first golf instructor was somebody that Cathy attended school with. Cathy told me, “He was a pro. We had motor learning and psychology classes together in school. I knew he would be the perfect teacher.” And he was the perfect teacher, as Cathy’s daughter won the Ohio Valley Conference championship while in her golf tenure at Tennessee Tech University.

Cathy has been teaching at Pellissippi State since 1993, and has inspired many students to take up golf as a hobby beyond her teaching. When I asked Cathy what her favorite thing about teaching golf and how long she plans on continuing to teach, she responded, “I enjoy teaching golf because I love seeing students improve and getting hooked on the game. It is very exciting to see their light bulb finally come on, so I plan to continue to teach golf even after I retire.”

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Catch the Zumba fever

By Cassidy Steadman

To Zumba instructor. Kristen Stratton, the group fitness program is “cardio in disguise.”

A Zumba class is available every Wednesday at 4:30 in the studio at the Student Recreation Center.

A theme of Latin American-inspired dancing “brings students and faculty members together for aerobic fitness while having a fun time,” says Stratton. Instead of stressing about school during a break of classes, everyone is welcome to relieve stress and gain exercise in Kristen Stratton’s Zumba class.

Stratton is a two-year certified Zumba instructor and a Pellissippi student who takes time out of her day to provide others with a healthy and fun way to obtain a second wind beneficial to finishing a long day at work.

Although an instructor for two years, she has danced to the rhythm of the world’s music for four years.  While incorporating hip-hop, salsa and mambo, the choreography of the group fitness program is an upbeat dance style.

“There was a Zumba class last year, but I hadn’t heard about it starting up so I wanted to continue with it,” says Stratton. She says she comes off as a shy person, but Zumba “provides a different mindset” and allows her to express herself.

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Add ons to the Student Recreation Center

by Cassidy Steadman


A newly built racquetball court and a newly equipped dance studio were recently added to Pellissippi’s Student Recreation Center.


Classes for both activities are available, along with archery, bowling, basketball, walking and others. A schedule for student accessibility is available under “Recreation” on the “Student Life” tab found on the website, the PSCC SLR mobile app, or at the front desk of the SRC building located on top of the hill behind the Bagwell Center for Media and Arts.


Elaine Armfield, the dance instructor for the last 13 years at Pellissippi, teaches ballet, jazz and modern dance. She earned her master’s degree in dancing from the University of Tennessee. “I have taught many years, and I love it,” said Armfield.


A dual enrollment student of Armfeild’s, Neeley Moore, has been involved with many different styles of dancing for 10 years. Moore says, “I love starting the day off with exercise. It’s a way for me to escape and for my mind to release any stress. Being a part of the class also makes me feel more involved.”

The 24,000-square-foot building that consists of a basketball court, weight room, tennis courts, fields, a volleyball court and other activities now includes a dance studio and will open a racquetball court in November.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Disc Golf tournament at Hardin Valley

By Cassidy Steadman


A Disc Golf Tournament is currently in progress until Friday, Oct. 9. It will be held throughout each day until sundown.


The tournament will be held around the pond directly behind the J.L. Goins Administration Building, according to Phillip Elms, the director of the Student Recreational Center. It will consist of nine holes.


People who want to participate can sign up by the picnic tables located next to the course and also pick up their scorecard. There will be no rain delays because it is held throughout every day of the week.


A champion t-shirt is given to the person with the lowest score out of all the participants during the entire week. Players are able to report score’s back to the SRC, or they may tweet their score to @psccrecreation. Later on, they can check back with the SRC to see if they won.


Elms said, “The numbers of participants vary due to the forecast. Around 50 to 100 people participated in the last Disc Golf Tournament the SRC held at the Hardin Valley campus.” He also said there would be a permanent Disc Golf course in the spring located in the same place.






Friday, October 9th, 2015

Get Jack[son]ed

by Brad Matthews

John Jackson brings D-1 strength and conditioning techniques to PSCC.

Former college and arena league football player John Jackson will be instructing a weightlifting class this summer at Pellissippi from May 26-June 27.

Due to the time frame of the course, the class will not only focus on strength building but also on conditioning. “It’s the first time I’m using this set-up at Pellissippi,” Jackson stated. “I go from having two hours a week over 15 weeks to two hours a day over four weeks.”

Although students interested in the course are to approach the four weeks as something of a bodybuilding boot camp, Jackson wholeheartedly encourages those who have yet to learn the art of weightlifting to start with this class. Modifications will be provided to any student who cannot perform a certain exercise or set.

“Nobody should be intimidated by coming in here to lift,” Jackson explained. “I’ve worked with every group from professional and collegiate athletes to the general population while working here at Pellissippi.”

Jackson will keep up with individual numbers, times and measurements for those taking the class so that students can visually see their progress. “This isn’t for me. This isn’t to get me in better shape. You’re working for yourself to benefit you. My job is to get you from Point A to Point B.”

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Tournament Time!

by Brad Matthews

March Madness has carried into April as Pellissippi playoffs are set in motion.

Intramural basketball playoffs will begin Tuesday, April 15th at 6 p.m.

“We tried to make it more of an event, but last year we had the two semi-finals the night of the championship,” says Philip Ems, commissioner of the league. “This year, the championship and a three-point contest will be held Thursday, April 17.”

The 10 teams in the league have been battling every Tuesday and Thursday since mid-March for just six spots that advance to the playoffs following a five game regular season.

Throughout the playoffs, statistics of all participants and league standings will be updated in a bulletin board case at the Student Recreation Center where all games are held.

Ems is hopeful that this year’s change to make the playoffs a two-day event will improve attendance.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Swing the golf club for students on Tuesday

by Taylor Cash

The ninth annual Swing Big for Students golf tournament will be teeing off  Tuesday, May 7, at Egwani Farms in Rockford.

Two start times will be offered, with the first tee-off at 8 a.m. and the second at 1 p.m.

“The tournament has been a great success throughout the years, bringing in $11,000 last year for sports-related majors and the greatest-needs funds,” said Peggy Wilson, vice president of college advancement.

The tournament has been slowly growing over the past eight years, she said. “With 16 teams already registered for the tournament, we are expecting about the same turn-out as last year,” said Wilson.

A portion of the earnings comes from participants, but the school relies on sponsors for the majority of the funds. Over the past eight years, participants and sponsors have helped raise more than $114,000 for scholarships, new equipment and technology and  the new building at Strawberry Plains.

“The tournament has been a great success for us in the past, and this year we expect nothing less this year,” said Wilson.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Drop the books and run a lap

by Justin Baranski

Intramural sports at Pellissippi are in full gear, and a few events remain as the semester winds down.

Pellissippi will host a bowling tournament Friday, April 12 at Strike and Spare Family Bowl at 213 Hayfield Road, just off Parkside Drive.  The event is free, and there is still space for interested participants, said Philip Ems, the director of the intramural leagues. “Gift certificates and other prizes will be given to the winners.”

He also added that the Pellissippi golf tournament last Friday, sold out.

“The basketball league is running from now through the end of the semester,” Ems said.  The championship rounds are before final exams.

The Pellissippi Student Recreation Center is also developing an app for smartphones, which will allow students of Pellissippi to know when intramural events will occur.

“We hope to have it up by the summer, and fully running by the fall semester,” Ems said.  This device is designed to make more students aware that Pellissippi does have a recreation center.

“If the students have any ideas on expanding or improving intramural sports at Pellissippi, we’re always willing to listen,” Ems said.

Pellissippi’s recreation center is located at the Hardin Valley campus on top of the hill.


Saturday, April 6th, 2013