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Balanced life seminar held

by Christy Robin

A seminar on how to manage time and have a balanced life was held in the Goins Auditorium on March 10.

This lecture was a panel discussion. It included dialogue on balancing self-care with a hectic lifestyle.

Tips on time management, exercise, diet, spa treatments and nutrition were given.

Involved in this seminar were three speakers. The speakers were Dr. Ann Bevelheimer, a medical physician at the University of Tennessee; Belinda Gambuzza, the owner of Salon and Spa Visage; and Joy Ingram, a PSTCC history teacher.

These women came together to help women of all backgrounds as a part of the National Women’s History Month.

PSTCC admissions coordinator Kim Thomas said that viewers got great time management ideas.

Thomas also said that viewers had a chance to ask their own questions about all the subjects discussed.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004