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Pellissippi Press updates software

The Pellissippi Press is getting a new design.

It affects more than just the look of the site. We have moved from using to WordPress 2.0.

“We were happy with Blogger,” said advisor Donnell King, “but the size of the site meant that updating it via Blogger was taking longer and longer. Bringing it in-house gives us much more control over the site and speeds up the posting as well.”

King said the interface in WordPress should also be much easier for student editors to manage, and the process of setting up users and editors is much simpler as well.

King said the site is still in development. At the moment, “permalinks,” the links which allow other sites to reference individual stories and to accurately indicate posting date on RSS feeds, are not properly configured, and it is unclear whether they will be able to get them so configured because of security concerns on the college’s Web site.

However, any existing RSS subscribers should see the articles just fine—the posting date will just show incorrectly. King hopes the site will be completely restructured by the beginning of spring semester.

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Student ‘holds ’em’ to win

by Patrick Scott

John Irwin battled through a tough field of 30 players to win the PSTCC Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and the $100 first prize.

Irwin, 22, was able to gain an early lead in the tournament and never looked back.

“I really didn’t expect anything coming in here,” he said. “I was just playing for fun and got lucky a bunch of times.”

Irwin said he has been playing poker for about a year, and that, like many players, he plays about half of his time online and the other half in live games.

For his efforts, Irwin received a $100 gift certificate to the bookstore and a school T-shirt. The second place finisher, Oscar Salazar, 20, also won a t-shirt.

Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Center offers learning options

by Joey Everett

PSTCC’s FLAG Center is offering a new College and Lifetime Learning Course for next semester.

The course offers students a chance to learn skills that help with studying, test taking, and time management. Program coordinator Cathy Clay heads the course.

FLAG stands for “Flexible Learning for Achievement and Growth.” It’s a place where students with hectic schedules can take classes tailored to their busy lives.

“It really appeals to students with scheduling problems,” said center coordinator Betty Bumgarner.

Students who work full time may register for a class at the center. They must attend at least three hours out of the week in order to complete the course. Students who have registered for standard classes may also transfer into the FLAG Center classes if needed.

Participants interact with an online course at the center. Tutors are available if the student needs help.

“This has more interaction than a Web course,” Bumgarner said. “And of course you need to be on campus to participate.”

More information about the FLAG Center is available at

Saturday, December 10th, 2005