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Funding planned for Blount County campus

By Ben Underwood

Funding for the new BlountCounty Center may be on the way.

The Pellissippi State Blount County Center will eventually be relocated. According to facilities coordinator Dave Walton, the current building is “out of date.” The age of the building, the industrial growth in the area and Tennessee Board of Regents standards are all reasons Walton says the move should take place.

Pellissippi State has been in talks to purchase or have a new site donated in the Alcoa area. The proposal for funding was submitted to the state for review and approval. The project is next on the budget list and if it approved, the funding will be available as of July 1.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Pellissippi professor writes novel

By Tyler Carr

Edward Francisco, an English professor here at Pellissippi State, recently sent Red Summer, a story about the race riots during the summer of 1919, to Alfred Knopf publishers. Francisco said this was his second novel, among several other books that have been published.

Francisco called this novel “a fascinating story of fictional events, during a factual time.” He said he wants the novel to be an entertaining read that reflects on history while informing the present.

The novel takes place during a benchmark event in the history of Knoxville. Francisco said the novel shows readers people can be wrong, and we sometimes make mistakes.

Francisco has had a busy year outside of writing. Last summer he was invited to an Oxford Roundtable discussion, where he presented a paper on the theory of signs and symbols. His paper was based on C.S. Pierce’s theories about types of language.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Robocat makes ‘Elite Eight’

by Amy Seivers

Pellissippi State made it to the “elite eight” in the regional competition for building robots held in Richmond, Va.

More then 35 colleges and universities participated in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. SoutheastCon 2007 Student Hardware Competition. Pellissippi was one of three two-year colleges to enter.

Basketball was the central theme of the event.

Pellissippi’s team created “Robocat” — a 12 inch by 12 inch robot designed to shoot a ping-pong ball through a goal to score points. The team that scored the most points won the competition.

The team consisted of students Scott Britt, Chris McAbee, Tim Kadri, Darrell Wood, Jeremy Brantley, Wes Forbes, associate professor and program coordinator of Electrical Engineering Technology Ken Swayne and Carl Mallette, associate professor of Electrical Engineering Technology.

“The students returned from the competition already excited about trying to compete next year,” said Swayne.

Mississippi State University was the winner of the event.

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007