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Flexible Scheduling Improvements for Fall 2008

by Rochelle Williams

Some additions have been made to this semester’s flexible scheduling options.

Dr. Denis Adams, Dean of Instructional Programs, said that there will be some additions this semester in terms of flexible scheduling. This is partially due to the rising gas prices of recent times.

These classes will meet less often than regular classes but last for a longer amount of time.

Adams said about five of these classes will be general education classes.

New students will likely find the changes more useful than returning students, as most of the classes will be freshman level courses.

Students who may have had difficulty attending five days a week will now conceivably be able to to attend more hours of classes per day.

This may lead to fewer trips to school and back for some students.

So far, enrollment in these new and experimental classes is unknown. If these classes are successful, there could be an increase in such programs in the future.

Related options include hybrid and online classes, which may help students at the gas pumps this semester as well.

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Changes at the Main Campus

By Rochelle Williams

The main campus of Pellissippi State will be seeing some changes in the coming year.

Director of Facilities David Walton said that these changes are primarily to increase usable space for offices.

The project is funded at approximately $2,085,000.

This process will involve adding on to the front of the building. The cashier’s office and the safety and security section will be moved closer to the financial aid office. The game room will be redone, but it will remain essentially the same size it is now and in roughly the same location.

Walton said changes are also expected to take place in the book store.

The construction will take about a year from start to finish.

The student lounge has been closed since shortly before the end of spring session.

Saturday, June 7th, 2008