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“Asian Flava” Event Held at Pellissippi Campus


by Rochelle Williams


On the Wednesday, Pellissippi students had the opportunity to experience a little Asian culture.

East Asia was the spotlight region for Student Life’s annual cultural event, according to Gwendolyn Miller of Student Life and Recreation.

The celebration, called “Asian Flava,” included trying out Asian foods and music. Asian decorations were used, and educational information about the region was conveyed.

Miller said of the occasion, “This is just a time to get students, faculty and staff together in the summer and have some fun while we celebrate these countries.”


Such events are not uncommon at Pellissippi state. There were several multicultural events over the course of the last two semesters.

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Changes in the Book Store

by Rochelle Williams

Students chasing down text books for their classes may notice something different this fall.

According to a recent memo sent out through campus wide e-mail, the store is now to be run by Validis Resources, a division of Nebraska Book Company.

Magnolia and Blount County campus bookstores are already closed for the instillation of new equipment.

The company states that “based on a Gallup survey of over 500 college bookstores, we rank first among our peers in 10 of the top categories.”

The Validis Resources website says that the company has been selling textbooks since 1915.

Validis Resources website

Saturday, July 5th, 2008