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Persepolis and Life in Iran panel held

Todd Duren,

From left to right, moderator Todd Duren, and panelists Dr. Minoo Askari, Dr. Alan Farvin, and Dr. Mike Negahban. Photo by Stephanie Powers.

by Rochelle Williams

On February 17, a panel was held in the goins auditorium concerning Life in Iran as it relates to “Persepolis,” Pellissippi’s common book.

Economics was discussed.  Dr. Mike Negahban said that in Iran, credit cards are not used.  He said that all things are paid for in cash or bought with a prepaid card, including homes and cars.  Dr. Minoo Askari said that haggling is common in Iran.

Negahban also said that large businesses need a contact inside the government in order to do business.  When asked about Americans doing business in Iran, Negahban said “It is illegal to do business with Iran.”  He sited US sanctions as well as those of the United Nations.

Dr. Alan Farvin said that it is difficult to be a teacher in Iran, because teachers don’t make very much money and often have to take a second job.

On the subject of music, Farvin said that it is possible to get western music in Iran but illegal.  He added that drinking is also illegal, but people do it anyway.

Askari said that music cannot be prohibbited because of the Internet.  Music and dancing are very popular in Iran.

Negahban said that rap music in Farsi exists.  He also said that the government is not as strict as it once was.

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Green Spring Fling Kicks off Environmental Awareness

by Miranda Maples Greene

The Green Spring Fling will be held this April at the Pellissippi main campus. The focus of the two-day event is to educate people on the importance of Green Energy.

Edward Francisco, professor of English at PSTCC and published novelist and poet, is a supporter of this event. “We want to raise awareness of the possibilities of green energy, green careers, a green environment, and to expose the myth of ‘clean coal,’ ” Francisco said. “This is especially important in light of the recent tragic Fly ash spill.”

Twelve environmental groups will be present, as well as six authors and speakers.

Where: Pellissippi Main Campus, Goins Auditorium
When: April 14-15
Who: Guest Speakers: Fred Brown, Jeanne McDonald, Bob Schatz, Ben Bryant, and Elizabeth Etnier.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009