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Get Involved, Get Clubbed!

By Mabia Carrico          

Pellissippi’s clubs are getting together on January 27 to find more members.

“Club Connection” will be held at the Goins Building room annex to the cafeteria. The event will be from 10:30 a.m.  -1:30 p.m.

Jonathan W. Geren, from the student and recreation department at Pellissippi, said that the event will offer free snacks. Geren also said, that the students that go to the event are going to be eligible for prizes.  

The event will bring all of the clubs from campus together so the new students can know more about each club and even sign up for ones that interest them, Geren Said.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Pellissippi State Your Success Connection?


By Adrienne Lefebvre

A new formula to measure student achievement is being considered by state leaders and could impact funding for Pellissippi State.

“This is a national discussion about what should be expected from higher education,” said Dr. Allen Edwards, president of Pellissippi State.

A brief by the National Governors Association, released earlier this month, points out that “improving the performance of postsecondary institutions, including community colleges, has increasingly taken center stage in state economic recovery plans.”

The NGA brief finds that “existing measures of student achievement exclude far too many students and track too few student milestones,” exclusions that can sometimes “penalize institutions.”

Graduation rates are one way that institutions are now evaluated for performance, but these “can’t be the only measure for us,” said Edwards.

“We are democracy’s college. We don’t control who comes in the front door,” said Edwards.” If you have a high school diploma and you want to attend college, by God, we’re going to be your shot.”

The NGA brief agrees many community colleges risk being marginalized in productivity evaluations. State and federal data can be “misleading when applied to two-year colleges” because standards of performance were “originally designed for four-year institutions.”

Edwards shares this concern and advocates measures included in the NGA brief that would more accurately gauge success at Pellissippi State.

In addition to graduation and job placement rates, “measures ought to be: Students who successfully transfer to another institution, students who successfully complete remedial courses and move into collegiate courses and completion of any certificates,” said Edwards. “These are successful completions of skill levels that ought to be recognized.”

Edwards said Governor Phil Bredesen is leading this discussion and expects these new measures to be addressed in the next legislative session.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

“Connect the Pieces”

By: Chance Collins

Student Life and Recreation will be sponsoring its annual “Connect the Pieces” Contest at the end of the fall semester.

“Connect the Pieces”, which was once the passport program of years ago, is designed to keep students connected and promote campus activity,” said Gwen Miller of SLR. Miller went on to say, “It’s an incentive program that promotes the use of resources here on campus and gets students to participate in activities.

Students who wish to join the program should stop by the Student Life and Recreation office and pick up their “Connect the Pieces” booklet. Once you have your booklet, you are ready to get started and start receiving signatures, said Miller.

Miller said, when the student attends any activity or uses any resources available on campus, they will receive a signature in their booklet and after the first three signatures, a choice of either a USB flash-drive or a t-shirt is the prize given away. After you first three signatures, all signatures after that will equate for points as entries for more prizes. The Grand Prize will be a new laptop along with a new GPS navigational system.

Miller said, the stipulations for the grand prizes are as follows; the student must be attending classes for the min of 6 hours per week, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. For more information on the “Connect the Pieces” program or any other Student Life and Recreation events, contact Gwen Miller with Student Life (865) 694-655 and also you can check out the website from the Pellissippi homepage.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Lighten Up. It’s Christmas Time at Pellissippi!


 By: Chance Collins

Student Life & Recreation will have its 22nd annual Breakfast with Santa event on December 5th.

The breakfast will be in the Goins Building located in the cafeteria, rotunda, auditorium and lounge area. The event is sponsored by Student Life & Recreation in order to encourage students to bring out their children to see the jolly old man and enjoy a breakfast with Santa.

Gwen Miller, a Student Life & Recreation representative said, “Students should come with their families to enjoy a traditional sausage and pancake breakfast. “Miller also said, “There will be lots of games along with arts and crafts for children to enjoy.”

The Breakfast will be from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. and Miller encourages all volunteers to arrive early. Miller says, “Volunteers will need to arrive at 8 a.m. for orientation, t-shirts, filling out forms and to receive their job assignments. “Volunteers are encouraged to dress up as elves, wear tights/shirts or a Santa hat will be acceptable.” For more information, please contact Gwen Miller at (865) 694-6555 or you may email Gwen Miller and Student Life & Recreation at or

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Be Jolly By Golly It’s Christmas Time At Pellissippi!

By Mabia Carrico

Pellissippi is celebrating Christmas early with a large breakfast on the Dec. 5.

Pellissippi is organizing an event named “Breakfast with Santa” at the Goins Building College Center from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. The event will offer pancake breakfast, pictures with Santa, games, crafts and music.

Gwendolyn Miller, from the student life & recreation department at Pellissippi, said that the event is for students, staff and their families.  They are expecting around 500 people and 130 volunteers to help, Miller said.
“The event has the intention to bring students, staff and family closer and enjoy a great meal!”

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009