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What about the cracks in the Bagwell Center?

-by Adrienne Lefebvre

Hairline fractures in the floor of the Bagwell Center for Media and Art have led some to question the building’s structural integrity.

No need, says David Walton, director of Facilities, Safety and Security.

“There is no structural concern in regards to the cracks in the concrete,” said Walton. “They are the result of leaving out the normal expansion joints that would be in a large single pour such as this.”

Walton pointed out that the floor’s stained concrete finish is “relatively new” and that the building’s architect neglected to “call for the appropriate control joints” which caused small fractures to appear as the concrete dried.

“Typically, these joints are left out and a floor like this is covered with carpet or vinyl composition tile,” said Walton. “These cracks are completely normal. You just wouldn’t normally see them.”

Walton admitted that the cracks caused “disappointment” but reiterated that the issue is only aesthetic.

“We elected to leave them as they were,” said Walton. “Removal and re-pouring of the floor would have been expensive, problematic and caused considerable delay in completion of the building.”

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Pellissippi helps Haiti

by Adrienne Lefebvre

Pellissippi State will kick-off Operation Hearts for Haiti on Feb. 11-12, starting a semester-long fundraising effort to help quake victims.

“This is student driven,” said Kim Thomas, director of Student Life and Recreation. “Our clubs, students and advisors came together and said, ‘Hey, we need to be doing something.’”

Thomas said donation buckets will be distributed at cashier counters on all campuses and at the office of Student Life and Recreation. A $5 donation during the kick-off will deliver candy hearts to anyone on campus.

Fundraising officially began last week as Pellissippi’s clubs gathered at Club Connection, a competition that raised $152 for the American Red Cross.

Kenyatta Rogers is a member of the Active Black Student Association, the club raising the most money during Club Connection.  She is also the newest member of the Student Activities Board and has been active helping to organize help efforts.

“We wanted to find a way to get as many students as possible involved in helping,” Rogers said of Operation Hearts for Haiti.

Student Kenyatta Rogers prepares donation buckets for Operation Hearts for Haiti

Pellissippi State will be scheduling new events throughout the semester. Fundraising will conclude on April 23 at a Pellipalooza-like event.

“It will be the same kind of event, except it will be in the evening,” said Thomas. “The community will be invited to attend and our students will be able to perform.”

Thomas added that a website is currently under construction that will post activities and allow student to see how much money has been raised.

Donations made at any event during the semester will benefit quake victims through The American Red Cross, Partners in Health, and Remote Area Medical. RAM is a local organization already working in Haiti.

“Any student who’s interested in volunteering for any events or activities that we have in regards to Haiti, come on by and see us,” said Thomas.

Student Life and Recreation is located in Goins, Room 141. For more information, visit

Friday, February 5th, 2010