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Top Notch Security

by Daisha Stigall

PSCC security officer Bory Cain was honoree of the Walden’s Officer of the Year award. 

From the Inside Pellissippi website,on Feburary 22, 2011, a reception was held at the Hardin Valley campus where Bory Cain received the honorary title of Officer of the Year.

Primarily working at the Blount County campus, it was his stellar performance as a security officer that allowed him to receive this prestigious award and $1,000.

“This is such a great work atmosphere,” stated Cain.

After 28 years in the printing business, Cain moved to Knoxville five years ago from Florida and has been an employee with Walden Security since 2010.

Representatives from Walden Security and Pellissippi State were present at the reception to honor Cain.

Walden Security is based out of Chattanooga, but provides security services to the college and 350 other clients.

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

PSCC Mourns Untimely Death of Student

by Brandi Cawood

Services for Shelley Grace Clayton, a beloved non-traditional hospitality student and student activities leader, were held on Tuesday, March 29 at 2:30  p.m. at East Maryville Baptist Church Cemetery. The Rev. Keith Johnson officiated. The family received friends from noon until 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family asked for donations to be made the Memorial Funeral Home to help with expenses.

She is survived by her husband, Paul Randy Clayton; children, Jason Matthew Grace, Michayla Lynnette Grace; stepdaughters, Tiffany Clayton and Amber Clayton; mother, Karen Bodkins; stepmothers, Nancy Brooks and Carol Grace; grandmother, Elva Grace; brothers, Perry and Brenda Grace, Jimmy and Jill Bodkins, Misty and Tige Chastain, Mandy Grace, Michelle Haas, Eric and Heather James, Erin James and Gary; several nieces and nephews.

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

New PSCC Requirement for Vaccination

by Allison Rufin

Are you itching to get ahead in preparation for next semester?

Beginning July 1, full-time students will have to prove immunity from Varicella, a.k.a chicken pox.

According to Heather Hatfield, director of admissions at Pellissippi’s Hardin Valley campus, the Tennessee Department of Health is responsible for the new requirements and did not announce why the immunizations are now necessary.  The new guidelines will not allow certain students to sign up for 12 hours or more until the criteria is met.

If a student is planning on attending any Tennessee institution for 12 hours or more, he or she must provide laboratory evidence of immunity from the disease, proof of two doses of the Varicella vaccine, or a history of having had chicken pox from a doctor.  However, students that were born before January 1, 1980, enrolled only in online courses, and/or  currently enrolled, are exempt.  Students that have graduated or will be graduating from a Tennessee high school between 1999 and May 2016 are presumed to have had one dose of the Varicella vaccine.

The Knox County Health Departments offer the two-dose series of the Varicella Vaccine at $85, price varying depending on insurance.  The Cedar Bluff site will offer the shots Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. without an appointment.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Pellissippi Fundraising

by Lindsay Cassell

The Pellissippi State Foundation has established a credible fundraising program that allows the college to initiate future endeavors and enhance present ones.

Peggy Wilson, executive director of the Pellissippi State Foundation, has had a direct effect on the program’s fundraising efforts since she stepped into the role in 2001. As executive director, all authority and responsibility falls into Wilson’s lap.

Since the foundation raises all monetary needs for the college, Wilson stressed the importance of establishing relationships to further fundraising efforts. Wilson explained, “The important thing about fundraising is building relationships with people in the community.” She further described the importance of making those relationships long-lasting and taking care of the donors, which give to the foundation.

The fundraising efforts for Pellissippi State are endless. Some proceeds come as gifts, such as the two $1 million checks the program received in the past five years. Other funds are earned from community and campus events.

Roughly five years ago, the foundation launched Connecting Communities, Changing Lives. This major gifts campaign aided several different areas of the college. For instance, money was raised to buy equipment for the Blount County Campus and simulation products were purchased for the nursing program. Also, the Hardin Valley campus received funding for an HD studio and other media equipment for the Bagwell Center. The major gifts campaign not only reached but exceeded its $6 million goal.

In addition to community events, fundraising on campus plays an important role in the program. Wilson explained that there are many different ways for students to get involved in fundraising efforts, one of which is college clubs. A recent event, Pellicon, was hosted by a Pellissippi State club known as S.U.R.G.E. Also, the student recreation center will be hosting the Pellissippi State Golf Scramble April 15th at noon at the Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge.

Wilson also stressed the importance of scholarships in fundraising, “Scholarships are very important in what we do.” The Alum Scholarship Program, though not the only scholarship available, allows past students to aid present ones.

Fundraising is prominent to the success of Pellissippi State. Whether it may be student involvement or monetary funds from the community, the saying “every little bit helps” is evident in the college’s fundraising program.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011