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Wise from Experience

by J.C. McMichael

In spite of Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposal regarding free community college for Tenn. high school graduates, Pellissippi President Anthony Wise remains confident that the school will be able to accommodate the influx of new students.

Should Haslam’s proposal pass the legislature, the first graduates eligible for two years free at a community college will be the high school senior class of 2015. When asked how Pellissippi may have to adjust to the possible increase in students, Wise said, “Pellissippi has already seen a tremendous influx of students as a result of tnAchieves scholarships. I think we’re well prepared because of that experience.”

Overcrowding is a valid concern, but Wise maintains that the Blount County campus and the new Straw Plains campus will keep the space issue from getting too out of hand.

New equipment and a larger faculty may become necessary, but the increased revenue obtained from the expansion of the student body will likely be enough to cover those expenses.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014