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Friends, Classmates, Lend Me Your Ears

by Amanda Freuler

Clayton Performing Arts Center to host the most unique show Pellissippi students will see this year.

The music department will be hosting their fall Instrumental Concert on Nov. 6 beginning at 7p.m.

This one show will feature the musical stylings of five Pellissippi student instrumental groups. The audience will have the chance to hear performances from a guitar ensemble, percussion ensemble, brass ensemble, blue grass group, and Pellissippi’s studio orchestra. Soloists can be expected to take the stage as well.

Each ensemble will play about a 15 minute set with a variety of pieces. “Almost every musical genre will be played,” said Music Program Coordinator Bill Brewer. “There will be classical music, jazz, blue grass, and even more. It’s probably our most unique show because of all the different ensembles.”

The concert will be about an hour and 15 minutes long, and admission is free.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Technology to the Rescue: Register for Classes via Smartphone

By Mark Palmer

Pellissippi students will have the option to register for classes with an application on their smartphone.

The free Pellissippi State app will allow students to access a variety of school-related functions. Many of the features of the app were designed by Audrey Williams, director of educational technology services at Pellissippi. An outside vendor, DubLabs, is responsible for the software which powers the app.

According to Williams, the Pellissippi app was introduced just over two years ago. Originally the app only allowed students to access their class schedule, campus maps, the Pellissippi library, and the campus directory.

While there have been periodic operating system updates over time, this is the first major upgrade to the app which includes new features and improved functionality. Currently there is only one version of the app which services smartphones using Apple, Droid, and Windows 8 operating systems. However, Williams hopes that with this upgrade, there will be separate versions specifically tailored for iPhone and iPad users.

Registration for the spring semester begins Oct. 27. To access the app, search for Pellissippi State at either the Apple, Droid or Windows stores online.

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Tis the Season for Singing

by Amanda Freuler

Pellissippi choral students will perform their Fall Choral Concert at Pellissippi State’s main campus on Oct. 21 beginning at 7 p.m.

The Fall Choral Concert will include the Concert Chorale, Variations Ensemble, a women’s quartet and multiple student soloists. Bill Brewer, music program coordinator, said he picked the music from different time periods for each of the musical groups to work with.

The Concert Chorale will showcase a broad range of musical styles. “I like for this group to sing as many different styles as possible,” Brewer said.

Even though this is the first concert of the season, Brewer said, “I am very excited to showcase these groups to the public.” The Variations Ensemble will focus on the time of the Renaissance. The music this group performs for the Fall Choral Concert will be the same that they will perform while doing a concert tour in Europe during spring break next semester.


Monday, October 20th, 2014

Pellissippi Faculty Ready to Impress with Photography Exhibition

by Payton Boyd

Photography students now have a chance to see what their professors have been working on at the third annual Faculty Photography Exhibition.

The event will be held on Thursday Nov. 13 beginning at  9 a.m in the Bagwell Center Gallery on the Hardin Valley Campus.

Ron Goodrich, the program coordinator of photography and photography teacher at Pellissippi, stated that the exhibition will include photography projects from the full time faculty and adjuncts closely working with the photography department. Although there is no set theme of the photos being previewed in the showcase, it will give students the opportunity to see what their faculty has been up to.

The exhibition is open to the general public. Goodrich stated that the exhibition will open at 9 a.m. and will close at the end of the business day, but may be flexible to change depending on the number of visitors.

Monday, October 20th, 2014

A Future Forged in Fire

by: Jane Cassidy

Graphic Design major Jason Campbell is forging his fiery future with the timeless art of the Blacksmith.

Campbell’s interest first sparked at a very young age while watching blacksmiths work at Dollywood. Campbell also said that he comes from a crafty family. His mother is a seamstress and his father is involved in wood working.

Campbell is currently taking Mike Rose’s blacksmith class for the second time. In his free time he is working on opening his own shop where he will make practical items such as wall hooks, pots and bottle openers for craft shows. He is also currently in the process of building a portable forge for Civil War reenactments.

One of the first projects Campbell made was a fire poker using the first basic principles learned in blacksmithing class.

Speaking of fire, Campbell has picked up a few scars along the way from “gray burning snowflakes” produced by the fuel used in this process. Battle wounds aside, Campbell explains that “It’s a very nice stress reliever to be able to beat a piece of steel into submission and create whatever you can picture in your mind; it’s a beautiful art.”

Monday, October 20th, 2014