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Talking With Your Hands

by Hailey Rudd

The American Sign Language Club at Pellissippi State offers opportunities to interact with the deaf culture. 

 Learning American Sign Language and experiencing deaf culture are some of the perks of being a part of the ASL Club at Pellissippi.

The ASL Club hosts activities like game night and takes trips to the Tennessee School for the Deaf to interact with the deaf and hard of hearing community, said faculty advisor, Guinetta Baker.

Story telling, arts and crafts, and science experiments are just some of the activities that students of Pellissippi can participate in at TSD.

“Students can join the club independently or join one of the four levels of sign language classes to be a part of these activities,” stated Baker. She reported that it was established four years ago as a bi-lingual and a multi-cultural experience for PSCC students.

Here are some ways that students can be involved within the club:

  • Sign up for the ASL Class
  • Attend the monthly deaf community ASL dinners
  • Participate in ASL game night
  • Be part of connecting with children at TSD

For more information, you can visit the ASL Please website at:


Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Breakfast With Santa

by Payton Boyd

Children will get a chance to visit Santa and his workshop without having to make the lengthy trek to the North Pole.

This year’s breakfast with Santa will occur on Dec. 6 from 9-12 p.m, with numerous workshops set up all around the Hardin Valley Campus. The event is sponsored by student life and is both free and open to the student and staff community of Pellissippi.

A pancake breakfast will be served, and pictures with Santa will be taken in the rotunda of the Goins Building.

Craft booths will have several activities and will be ran by volunteering staff and students. If interested, see student life to sign up.

There will also be trackless train rides available to children which will ride around the campus grounds.

The event will also use Pellissippi’s version of the fast pass to speed up line times at each activity booth.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

VoiceOut Lets Students Voice Their Opinions

By Mark A. Palmer

Pellissippi students get a forum to voice their concerns and requests.

Pellissippi students got a chance to voice their opinions last month, and they’ll get the chance again next week.

Pellissippi State held one of its annual VoiceOut events on Oct. 22. The event is sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB), which plans and implements activities on campus. The VoiceOut is a targeted effort to get comments from students about student life.  SAB representatives Alayna Strickland and Ashley Herbert said the event was a success.

More than 100 students responded with specific comments. Students submitted their feedback anonymously by posting their comments on an iPad.

Requests were mostly positive, such as:


  • Additional parking spaces
  • More recycling opportunities around campus
  • More charging stations for cell phones
  • A disc golf course in the green space around campus


The next VoiceOut will take place on campus on Tuesday, Nov. 18.  After this event, all the feedback from both VoiceOuts will be compiled and submitted to Pellisippi State’s President Dr. Anthony Wise. Results and any actions taken by Pellissippi will ultimately be posted on the SAB Facebook page.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Student Pleads Guilty to Attempted Kidnapping

By William Gentry

A failed kidnapping attempt at Pellissippi’s main campus leads to a student behind bars.

Gregory Crenshaw pled guilty to attempted kidnapping on October 24 and will serve one year in prison for his crime. Crenshaw approached the victim on the north side of the pond on campus around 4 that afternoon. Upon revealing his weapon he attempted to grab the victim who then broke free and ran for help, said  Director of Safety & Security at Pellissippi Fred Breiner.

After the failed kidnapping attempt Crenshaw ran along the north path into ERC where he changed clothes and fled from the main campus.

Crenshaw was picked up by the Knoxville Police at his home at later that night.

“Crenshaw was a student of the college” said Breiner, who also noted that the Pellissippi community was very helpful providing information leading up to his Crenshaw’s arrest.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

by Amanda Freuler

The weather forecast is predicting a mixture of snow and holiday fun at Pellissippi on Dec. 4.

Pellissippi’s performing arts department will be creating a winter wonderland in the Clayton Performing Arts Center during their annual Holiday Spectacular production.

The Holiday Spectacular is not a play, concert, nor a musical; it is a little bit of everything all wrapped into a one night extravaganza. “It is a variety show that involves all of our performing ensembles,” said Bill Brewer, Pellissippi’s Music Program Coordinator. The evening will include pieces from the chorus groups, instrumental groups, theatre students, and student dancers.

“All of the acts will range from traditional Christmas, to very fun, playful music, while adding an element of comedy,” Brewer said. Festive decorations and lighting effects will also be incorporated into the show for the audience’s enjoyment.

“It always snows,” promised Brewer.

Tickets to attend the show are free, but there is limited seating on a first come, first serve basis. There will be a 6 p.m show and 8 p.m showing that students, their families, and the public are welcomed to attend.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Scavenger Hunting Virtually a Reality

by Mark A. Palmer

Pellissippi Students will soon use new smartphone application to get information about various campus sites.

Pellissippi students will get a chance to experience virtual scavenger hunts in 2015.

Mark Fuentes’ Accounting 1020 class is scavenging, and it’s all because of an application developed by Fuentes and Brandon Ballentine, Instructional Technology Specialist.

The app is still in a developmental phase, but here’s how it works:  Currently, an instructor gives clues to the whereabouts of certain places or offices on campus that the instructor wants a student to visit. Once the students have found the location, they scan a QR code found there with their smartphone.  That confirms to the instructor that the student has completed their assignment.

In the next iteration of the app, the students will find a device called an iBeacon instead of scanning a QR code. Ballentine said the iBeacon will allow the students to access an unlimited source of information.

Ballentine said the next phase should be operational by the beginning of Winter Semester 2015.  Currently the app is only available in IOS format for iPhones and iPads.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Faculty Member Recipient of Prestigious Award

by Abby Lancaster

Marilyn Palatinus recipient of 2014 Jacqueline Elliott Award.

Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association awarded the Jacqueline Elliott Award to Marilyn Palatinus, associate professor of Spanish at Pellissippi State Community College.

Palatinus is the foreign languages program coordinator and has been teaching Spanish at Pellissippi State for 25 years. In addition, she has served as department head for Humanities. Palatinus has also taught Spanish in Spain with TnCIS, Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, for six summers.

“I was very surprised and humbled to learn that my colleagues felt I deserved the award,” Palatinus stated.

The Jacqueline Elliott Award is given for outstanding service to a foreign language educator at the post-secondary level annually. Jacqueline Elliott was the first recipient of the honor, and the award is named after her.

This is the third time the Jacqueline Elliott Award has been awarded to faculty from Pellissippi State.

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Fifteen Minutes of Fame for Students

By Payton Boyd

Pellissippi’s own Imaginary Gardens is once again taking submissions of poetry, short stories, art, and photography for this year’s magazine.

Hailey Rudd, the editor-in-chief of Imaginary Gardens, stated that all submissions are due Dec. 5th, also the last regular school day.

There is no limit to the amount of works one can submit, and Rudd said the magazine should be released sometime in March.

Each student potentially can have two works chosen to be put into the magazine. To submit pieces, email them to


Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Pellissippi ready for Tennessee Promise

By William Gentry

Pellissippi President confident that the school is ready to take on changes that Tennessee Promise brings. 

Pellissippi President Dr. Anthony Wise is confident that Pellissippi is ready for the influx of students that the Tennessee Promise will bring.

Dr. Wise said that the campus had a 17 percent influx a few years ago due to an experimental program that the campus took part in that was similar to the Tennessee Promise.

The Tennessee Promise is expected to bring an extra 2500 students to the campuses of Pellissippi, and Dr. Wise considers this a “healthy growth.”

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Red Scare or Reset the Router?

By William Gentry

Recent internet connectivity woes blamed on router issues.

Pellissippi experienced major issue with the internet at the beginning of the semester. Pellissippi State’s Vice President of Information Jerry Bryan said the system was sending out malform packets causing lag and disconnects within the system.

The problem turned out to be a software issue with the AT&T Boundary router. The entire tech team did an entire sweep of all the systems and found nothing wrong.

The router was sent to AT&T in Nashville and was replaced and this still did not fix the problem. Bryan said “It looked like a hardware problem”.

A software update was applied to the router and now works without any issues. There should be no further problems.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014