New building being built for Hardin Valley Campus

by: Josh Witt

Pellissippi’s Hardin Valley Campus is expected to open a new multi-purpose building in the next two to three years.

The new building will contain classrooms, offices and science labs says Regina McNew, Pellissippi’s director of faculties. The building is expected to replace the portable classrooms and faculty lot that are outside of the Clayton Performing Arts Center and Goins Administration Building.

“Hopefully, with this building being built, we’ll be able to get rid of portables,” said McNew.

McNew expects the new building to cause a “domino effect” throughout the campus. Science labs in other buildings will be repurposed as classrooms, freeing up more space for specialized engineering and media rooms, as an example.

The Tennessee Board of Regents, who oversees Tennessee’s community colleges, has allocated $24.3 million for the project. The project is still in the planning and conceptualization phase, but McNew expects construction to begin some time next year.

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

New building being planned for Pellissippi’s Hardin Valley Campus

By Peyton Jollay

Pellissippi is planning a new building for its Hardin Valley Campus.

“We have just found out that we have a project on the TBR (Tennessee Board of Regents) capital project list for $27.2 million on this campus,” said College President Dr. Anthony Wise.

To meet completion costs, the college must raise 10 percent of the funds through the Pellissippi State Community College Foundation.

The Foundation is a college affiliated organization which aids in raising funds for capital projects such as buildings and equipment, as well as providing scholarship opportunities for students.

“Hopefully that project will begin moving in the next year or so, and we will have a new building three or four years down the road,” said Wise.

The primary purpose of the new building will be to house updated science labs for the campus. Existing science labs in the Lamar Alexander Arts and Sciences Building will be removed and replaced in an effort to consolidate all of the arts disciplines on campus into a single building.

Wise stated that the project is the first in a list of possible renovation projects which are to be slated at a later date.

Wise indicated that the college seeks to modernize the Pellissippi State Technical Library to better meet the needs of the 21st century student. He also indicated the possibility of building an animation design studio and a sound design studio in the Bagwell Center for Media and Art.

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Pellissippi president looks forward to master plan

by Nicole Hedger

Pellissippi State’s proposed future plans offer more than just additional educational opportunities.

President Anthony Wise said one of the things he is most looking forward to about Pellissippi’s master plan is that “not only does it focus on trying to create classroom and office space, but also space for students to gather both in the buildings and out in the courtyard.”

Wise said the main focus of the proposed new facilities is “to make sure we continue to provide the support for students in order to be successful academically and to help them achieve their goals.” Along with this goal he accented his desire to serve students by adding a series of quads and places for students to gather outside of the classroom.

The first building on the master plan will teaching labs and faculty offices to “help absorb some of the growth that has taken place over the course of the last decade,” said Wise.  With these improvements he said he desired not only  “to make the campus blend in with the community, but also make it attractive for students.”


Sunday, March 24th, 2013