Increasing safety by increasing security

By Caleb Noe

Fred Breiner director of security at Pellissippi explained how to increase safety and security on Wednesday Sept 30th. I sat down with Breiner who has worked with Pellissippi since May of 2007, and went down a list of questions that were prepared.

If someone sees a potentially dangerous situation developing, Breiner said the first thing to do is to pass it on to campus security and if necessary to call 911 as soon as possible. He also said that campus security cannot help with a situation if they do not know about it.

When security gets a call, the first thing to do is to send someone out to get as much information as possible and talk to the person Breiner said. He also said after a report is filed they do a follow up if the property is found.

Breiner said that even though they don’t get a lot of anonymous tips through the silent witness system on Pellissippi’s web page, the information they get is very accurate. He said the department encourages students to use it.

A normal day of work, Breiner said is, “Never the same you never know what is going to happen some days are slow and others are busy.”

Breiner said that if you see anything on campus that isn’t right, let the security know and basically if you see something say something.

Friday, October 9th, 2015

What about the cracks in the Bagwell Center?

-by Adrienne Lefebvre

Hairline fractures in the floor of the Bagwell Center for Media and Art have led some to question the building’s structural integrity.

No need, says David Walton, director of Facilities, Safety and Security.

“There is no structural concern in regards to the cracks in the concrete,” said Walton. “They are the result of leaving out the normal expansion joints that would be in a large single pour such as this.”

Walton pointed out that the floor’s stained concrete finish is “relatively new” and that the building’s architect neglected to “call for the appropriate control joints” which caused small fractures to appear as the concrete dried.

“Typically, these joints are left out and a floor like this is covered with carpet or vinyl composition tile,” said Walton. “These cracks are completely normal. You just wouldn’t normally see them.”

Walton admitted that the cracks caused “disappointment” but reiterated that the issue is only aesthetic.

“We elected to leave them as they were,” said Walton. “Removal and re-pouring of the floor would have been expensive, problematic and caused considerable delay in completion of the building.”

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Gun Bill Fails

By: Matthew Shields
State Rep. Stacey Campfield’s two gun bills died in House Judiciary subcommittee on April 1.

One House bill stated that any full-time faculty and staff member with a valid permit could bring a handgun onto their public college campus.

Stacey Campfield wrote on his website, “(It’s) Good to know that the campus police will be available to make a report after the crime has taken place. Don’t you all feel safer?”

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009