“Because You Asked…”

Why does Pellissippi play mtvU all the time?

The program mtvU has been a rallying topic among students who will visit the cafeteria or student lounge for numerous reasons.

MtvU was voted by students. Aaron Overall, academic advisor, stated that the TV sets playing the program were placed in the cafeteria and student lounge because they are not considered designated study zones.

Viacom is the parent company of MTV that teamed up with Pellissippi for a three-year contract. It voted by the students, too. They provided the two TV sets, satellite dish, and the system for free when contract was signed in 2014, said Overall.

Overall stated that because of the contract, the TV volumes are set at a specific volume and cannot be changed. Even if someone tried to change it, a lock setting on the volume would prevent it.

“MtvU allows us to program four PSCC announcements per hour, features ABC news at the bottom of every hour, plays public service announcements specific to college students, and also features up-and-coming independent/main stream artists,” said Overall.

In an attempt to please most of the student body’s music tastes, all kinds of genres are played on mtvU. Overall said it would “entertain the listener while broadening their musical experience” by playing all kinds of music.

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

COSA holds voter registration drive

By Kendall Calkins


The Council of Student Advocates registered 534 students as new voters at the Hardin Valley Camus las month to promote National Voter Registration Week.

Volunteers, Student Activity Board members and work-study students staffed a tent in the courtyard everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. the week of Sept. 21 to “give students the opportunity to have a voice in public elections and a chance to become actively involved in their government.” said Student Government president and COSA liaison Joshua Anderson.

“We are very proud of this year’s success and hope registration week continues to grow each year”, said Anderson of this year’s registration compared to last year’s turn out of 499.

Another registration drive is set for sometime in January to give students a chance to register before the March Presidential primary.

COSA hopes to expand on voter awareness with candidate forums for the upcoming local and national elections.

“Students say they don’t even know who is running”, said Anderson, “We want students to be able to elect leaders that reflect their values and opinions.”

Expansion on voter awareness has not yet been finalized and will be on the student calendar in the coming months.

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Impacts of the Government Shutdown on PSCC

by Roxann Buckles

Federal financial aid for military veterans and federal educational grant programs have been adversely affected by the government shutdown. President of Pellissippi State Community College, Dr. Anthony Wise, gave details on the process and consequences of the government shutdown on Pellissippi.

“Financial aid to military veterans will be postponed, not eliminated,” said Wise.

Federal grants such as the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or SEOG and other similar grants have been suspended.  This is due in part to slower processing, communication and response among governmental officials.  Military veterans living, housing and educational finances are directly affected.

The state of Tennessee and Pellissippi have been proactive in helping military veterans during this uncertain time.  Wise confirmed that Pellissippi is creating a veteran success center.  It will offer programs directed towards continuing education.

Larger federal financial aid opportunities, such as the Pell Grant, have not been impacted.  However, federal educational grant programs may.

Wise said the Department of Labor recently funded the creation of Southeastern Economic and Education Leadership Consortium, a grant program, at Pellissippi. The program will offer classes in welding, machining and manufacturing. The SEELC grant will fund the faculty and staff for the program.  The equipment and classroom training will also by supported by SEELC.  The students and staff participating in SEELC at Pellissippi have not been affected by the government shutdown yet.

Wise stated that the suspension of financial aid and educational programs would be “disheartening to our students.”

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013