More connected classroom technology for Pellissippi

By Austin Berry

Cool concept for connected classroom

Vice President Audrey Williams provided insight towards incorporating in-class-connectivity software. She stated, “more connectivity in classrooms is my main focus.”

She called this focus her “Holy Grail,” meaning her main concern towards future tech in Pellissippi classrooms. Basically, she wants devices like phones, tablets, and laptops to be directly connected with in class projectors.

This could come from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities already existent in current technology. The system Audrey Williams wants to see incorporated is already “being utilized effectively by smaller private schools.”

Currently, students have to plug in their flash drive and/or log into a saved cloud storage to find their said presentation. The overall process takes up a lot of time in the class room.

Another drawback includes students often forgetting a flash drive or having an issue with cloud storage. These troubles could be improved using the “Holy Grail.”

If Pellissippi incorporates these ideals, it is in for a more connected future when it comes to in class connectivity.

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

myPellissippi will be more phone and tablet friendly in the future

By Artamus Cameron

The new version of myPellissippi will be much more phone and tablet friendly than it has been in the past.

Audrey Williams, Vice President of Information Services, said that this new version will be “more mobile device friendly.” Williams went on to say that this upgrade will “simplify” the site and allow the site to be more “task-driven.”

The upgrade to the new version will “trim out the extra things,” said Williams, which will make the site easier to navigate.

The basic upgrade to Luminis 5.3 from Luminis 5.2 took place on Oct 12-14. Luminis 5.2 will no longer be supported by the company at the end of the year.

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Scavenger Hunting Virtually a Reality

by Mark A. Palmer

Pellissippi Students will soon use new smartphone application to get information about various campus sites.

Pellissippi students will get a chance to experience virtual scavenger hunts in 2015.

Mark Fuentes’ Accounting 1020 class is scavenging, and it’s all because of an application developed by Fuentes and Brandon Ballentine, Instructional Technology Specialist.

The app is still in a developmental phase, but here’s how it works:  Currently, an instructor gives clues to the whereabouts of certain places or offices on campus that the instructor wants a student to visit. Once the students have found the location, they scan a QR code found there with their smartphone.  That confirms to the instructor that the student has completed their assignment.

In the next iteration of the app, the students will find a device called an iBeacon instead of scanning a QR code. Ballentine said the iBeacon will allow the students to access an unlimited source of information.

Ballentine said the next phase should be operational by the beginning of Winter Semester 2015.  Currently the app is only available in IOS format for iPhones and iPads.

Sunday, November 16th, 2014