Volunteers Wanted

by Janelle Piper


Mentors needed for Tennessee Promise students.


Volunteers are needed for the Tennessee Promise program.


Tennessee Achieves is seeking out volunteers to become mentors for high school seniors. The mentor will be helping students navigate the college admissions process to ensure they fulfill the requirements in order to receive the Tennessee Promise scholarship.


“This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the life of a student,” said Pellissippi State President Anthony Wise. Mentors will be encouragers and resources says Wise.


Those who want to invest 10-15 hours annually assisting five to10 high school seniors can apply at tennesseepromise.gov.

  • Applications must be completed by Nov. 20.
  • Mentors must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants will be subject to a background check.

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Tennessee Promise Scholarship

By Lauren Wallace


Pellissippi State secured the No. 1 spot for biggest community college in Tennessee after the Tennessee Promise Scholarship was put in place.


The last-dollar scholarship, which covers total tuition not covered by the HOPE scholarship or a Pell grant is, a great opportunity for students to attend college said Jordan Huettel, financial aid coordinator. The enrollment spiked 2.2 percent at the start of this year, stated Huettel. Although 1,700 students qualified, only 900 received the Tennessee Promise scholarship this term due to other scholarships, said Huettel.


The Tennessee Promise is also used as a mentoring program where each participant received advice and guidance about higher education. Requirements to maintain the Tennessee Promise are to uphold a 2.0 GPA, complete eight hours of community service before each term and complete the FAFSA by Feb. 15 each year in the program.

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Dr. Anthony Wise explains the Tennessee Promise

Pellissippi expects an increase in enrollment in the fall of 2015 due to the Tennessee Promise.

What does the Tennessee Promise mean for Pellissippi? It is estimated that 2,200 additional students will attend Pellissippi in the fall semester of 2015. President Anthony Wise said that the college will be prepared for the influx of students. He said that the college will increase faculty members to meet the demands of growth.

Dr. Wise explained that the college has experienced a similar influx in the past. “This is not a new occurrence for us, as we experienced this a few years back when the economy was struggling.”

To receive the Promise students have to abide by a checklist that will ensure the students’ success in seeking a degree. “High school students will have a mentor and will be required to attend two team meetings” said Wise.

Wise also stated that the overall advantage of this plan assures us that students will most likely graduate because of the elimination of tuition cost. “Pellissippi Scholarships that were associated with tuition will now possibly go towards students’ books and nontraditional students.”


Monday, March 23rd, 2015