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Contributing content

Students at PSTCC may contribute content in one of two ways:

  1. Comment on a story. Anyone can comment on a story that has Links for registering.been posted on The Pellissippi Press. You just need to register. You can do so by clicking either a) the “Register” link or b) the “Login” link followed by the “Register” link in the resulting page. Because of some idiot spammers, we have had to close registrations. If you would like to be able to comment on a story, send email to webmaster at pellpress dot com with your request. We will register you manually. Once you have completed this process, you will be considered a Subscriber and will be able to post comments to existing stories–sort of the electronic equivalent of a letter to the editor. Comments are not immediately posted–they are placed in a comment queue to await approval by the student editor. This helps to prevent comment spam and abusive comments. Subscribers who consistently post abusive comments will be deleted from the system.
    General “Letters to the editor” (i.e., comments not in response to a specific article) are also welcome and will be published as long as they are not libelous (if such a letter does get published, the writer of the letter bears sole legal responsibility for its content) AND you include a verifiable name and email address so we can verify you are the author and a student at PSTCC. If you cannot be contacted, the letter will not be published. If you wish to have your name withheld, the editorial staff will consider it, but that decision is theirs (they will contact you first; you can withdraw your letter if their decision does not meet your approval). Submission of such “letters” may be accomplished by commenting on the latest “Letters to the editor” post in the main blog.
  2. Ask for upgrade. Once you have registered, you can e-mail webmaster at pellpress dot com and ask for an upgrade to Contributor. Contributors must be current PSTCC students, which is demonstrated by sending your request from your official Pellissippi State email address. Contributors can write stories and post them in the queue for consideration for publication by the student editor. All decisions regarding publication rest with the student editor. Submission is no guarantee of publication. The Web space for The Pellissippi Press is open to any student writer, subject to the editorial judgment of the staff. Articles may or may not be used, depending on whether they meet recognized editorial standards (i.e., if a story is not used it will be because it does not satisfy one of the seven standard news values or the writing does not come up to minimal standards, not because the subject matter is controversial). Contributors who consistently post abusive stories will be downgraded to Subscriber.

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