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Legal handgun carry on campus could be extended to part-time employees

by Shelby Verran

A new piece of legislation will allow those with hand a gun carry permit to carry a concealed hand gun in places like government buildings, college campuses, and ‘gun-free zones.’

House Bill 0363 will be an extension to last year’s passed law that allows full-time employees to carry concealed hand guns. State Representative Jason Zachary, the spear head of this bill, said that the statics on where mass shootings occur, in places such as college campuses and ‘gun-free zones’, caused the birth if this bill.

One of the exceptions to the law is, guns may not be carried in buildings with metal detectors or armed security guards at the entrances.

If passed, there will be a lot of changes that college campuses, like Pellissippi, must adapt to if they don’t want concealed carrying to be legal on their property such as, hiring and training more armed officers or installing metal detectors at all entrances.

Fred Bruiner, chief of police at Pellissippi State, stated that as an official police department they will follow Tennessee State law, whatever it may be.

If passed, some of the requirements for carrying will be:

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must have a valid carrying permit
  • Must be a concealed handgun

View the full details of this bill and follow its progression through the links below.