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Sams Balances School and Missions

by Ty Mathews

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 28:19, is one of the more popular verses throughout all of Christianity.

Eric Sams, a 21-year-old Pellissippi student’s life is lived in direct obedience to this verse.

When Sams was 15, he took his first of 16 foreign mission trips. He has participated in mission efforts to Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, England, Russia, and Sudan.

Sams says the purpose of these trips is to empower the American Church leader and serve the local church’s needs in the area they are ministering.

Sams is an employee of, “It Took A Miracle Ministries (ITAM).” He works in the administrative part of the ministry and helps lead the trips they take across the world.

Balancing schoolwork with his mission work can often become a tough task to handle. “It is not easy. I look at my school as a way God is preparing me to do His work in the future. There are times when my school schedule does conflict with a mission effort of something else, and I simply have to ask God for discernment on what to do,” Sams says.

Sams will be graduating from Pellissippi in May with an associate’s degree in Business Management. He will then continue his education next year in the Tennessee School of Business to obtain his bachelor’s degree.

He says he plans on continuing his work leading missions with ITAM as well as heading up much of its administration locally after he finishes college.

Despite the hardships of having such a demanding life in school and outside of school, Sams said of his strong desire to lead people on trips, “It is a part of me. Jesus loves the people of this world and wants to show them love through His body. I am a part of that body. God has blessed me with resources and opportunities, and I am responsible to take advantage of those opportunities.”

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  1. I have no idea if you are ever going to check this or not, but I was just searching the internet for missions in Venezuela. I am going as POI this summer through ITAM. That is AWESOME. Well, I was just wondering if you were going also. Well, got to go. Maybe I will meet you this summer.

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