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School Fundraisers Open Doors

by Jemima Ledbetter

When opportunities knock, Pellissippi State opens the door. The college holds an annual golf tournament every September, kicking off the semester with multiple donations for financial aid students.

Even when students are eligible for free tuition, other fees are involved for a full-time student. Angela Pugh, developmental coordinator for Pellissippi, stresses that book fees, child care, class fees and living expenses can interfere with some students’ success.

To ensure that students are financially set up, Pellissippi seeks sponsors through fundraising each year to make ends meet for their students. At the beginning of every year, Pugh sends out a letter to local companies for sponsorship spots. During the golf tournament fundraiser students are put on display and encouraged to volunteer.

Students being involved showcases the students to the sponsors. Pough said, “We had students from the culinary program, the 3-D printing program, and nursing students come out and interact with the public to see where their money is going towards.” The fundraisers so far have been extremely successful.