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Small campus improvements and upgrades

by: Josh Witt

Three of Pellissippi’s campuses are slated for small improvements and upgrades this summer.

Pellissippi Director of Facilities Regina McNew says that many of these projects will take place this summer.

Hardin Valley, Pellissippi’s largest campus, has ongoing HVAC work and will also be installing solar panel arrays this summer.

The new solar arrays will not only feed power into Pellissippi’s grid, but they will be available for sustainability classes offered at the campus. There also will be two solar canopies with tables under them for students to use for charging personal devices.

“It’s basically for demonstration and teaching purposes,” said McNew.

Meanwhile, the Strawberry Plains campus will be expanding their third floor this summer.

This is Pellissippi State’s biggest upcoming project. The campus will add three new science labs, two new prep rooms, and a lab tech office. They will be located behind the existing nursing area.

Because the Strawberry Plains campus is so new, the second floor remains empty.

“Strawberry Plains definitely will be an ongoing thing for a while,” said McNew. “After we get the third floor finished, we’ll have the second floor to look at.”

The Magnolia Avenue campus is getting an upgrade to its HVAC system, as well as a renovation of the front lobby.

The lobby will soon feature computer kiosks instead of display cases. McNew says that the dean of the campus, Rosalyn Tillman, had been pushing for this renovation.

Additionally, four classrooms in the Magnolia Campus’s front hallway will have carpet removed for asbestos remediation, and then new carpet will be installed.

“Magnolia has been a long process. We’ve probably been working on [it] the better part of 10 years. I think it’s finally getting to the point that basically now it’s just gonna be finishes,” said McNew.

The Division Street and Blount County campuses do not have any upcoming projects, according to McNew.