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Students Could Be the Next to Carry Guns on Campus

by Shelby Verran

Students will be allowed to carry concealed handguns on campus grounds if newly introduced House Bill 0884 is passed.

Students will be the next carry concealed and permitted handguns on campus grounds if House Bill 0884 is passed. Last year, State Bill 11 enabled full-time employees to carry on college campuses in Tennessee.

Some of the details of House Bill 0884 are as follows:

  • Must possess a valid handgun carry permit
  • Cannot be under the influence of alcohol
  • Cannot be involved in a judicial proceeding

Fred Breiner, chief of police at Pellissippi State, says “Pellissippi State Police personnel would need to be properly trained on all details of House Bill 0884.” Breiner says that once trained, Pellissippi officers will impartially enforce the law, if passed.

Breiner brought up how other states, such as Texas, changed their laws in recent years to allow student-carry on college campuses. He says, “I have not heard of any problems related to students legally carrying weapons on college campuses in those states.” Breiner says that he expects Tennessee to have few issues with legal student carry.