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Teacher Achievement Week at Blount County

Teacher Achievement Week at Blount County

By Sandra Kapaya

“Professors” ..have you ever wondered about the obstacles your professors have gone through to earn that title?

The Blount County Campus is having a Faculty Achievement week on April 24 -26.

This event will take place at the Blount County Campus lobby starting at noon. Faculty Achievement week is an event that gives professors a chance to share their achievements and scholarly work.

According to , Dean Holly Burkett says, “ This event was started by our librarian and it is our first-time Faculty Achievement Week. This event is a great way to knowing our faculty and all that they have achieved”.

  • The event will last to about 30-45 minutes in the lobby. Students may come and go to stop by and listen.
  • All Faculty members are welcome to participate and share their rewards and scholarly achievements.
  • This event not only talks about their past rewards, but also their future endeavors that they plan on achieving.

Faculty Achievement week is a great way for the students to get to know their professors outside of the classroom. It also shows the students all of the obstacles they had to conquer to earn their degrees which may inspire students to do greater.